I am a music producer, artist making content in his bedroom. I started making electronic music & animated videos just for the fun of it at the age of 14. I started enjoying the process, so I would put out these little songs I made on SoundCloud and share it with my friends. As my network grew, I started showing these skills to more and more people, only being left excited to move on to the next stage. As of now, I distribute my own music on various streaming platforms, make videos for the same myself. I want to continue making musical and video based story telling content, as far as I can. Your support means a tonne to me. You can find my music on Apple Music, Spotify and most other major streaming platforms. I do these remixes and videos that people have loved over these years and post them on my YouTube. You can find the links to my digital content below. Hope to see you there! PEACE...
"Make something that makes you proud when you look back at it someday..."